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Horse Tail Lights

Horse Tail Lights

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Shine Bright with our Horse Tail Lights. LED lighting safety system for horses is the most innovative safety gear. With thousands of horses and riders being injured or killed by collisions on the roads every year, an invention like this can help make everyone safer. Lights will always help you to be visible. For dark nights, foggy mornings, and everything in between 🤍


★ Fine craftsmanship made with durable and superior materials
★ Weather-resistant, Lightweight, Comfortable, and made for all seasons
★ Three flashing modes - rapid flashing, slow flashing, and steady flashing
★ Dimensions: 100 cm (39.4 Inches)
★ Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Pink/Purple, White
★ How to use: Place the Horse Tail Lights as high on the tail as possible and wrap the velcro under the base of the tail
★ This product is made for horses by horse people 🤍


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Meet the New LED Horse Tail Lights (USB charging) - $39.95 + Free Shipping

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