Best Boredom Busters for Your Dog

Best Boredom Busters for Your Dog


Is your dog spending long hours home alone?

Our dogs will happily sleep 12-14 hours per day but if you don't provide adequate physical and mental stimulation be prepared for them to create their own fun!

This could mean anything from rearranging your home décor to pulling clothes off the line or impressive landscaping efforts. Common signs of doggy boredom include digging, chewing, or other destructive behaviors, excessive barking/whining, following you around when you are at home, etc.


Many professional dog trainers and behaviorists suggest our dogs should not be left alone for more than 4-5 hours but when you work full-time, this is sadly not an option!

The good news is that you can enrich your dogs' environment by providing interactive puzzle toys and there are plenty to choose from. I’ve tried tons of them for my dogs and Snuffle Mats are my all-time favorite.

Snuffle Mat consists of rows of fleece strips in which treats can be hidden, and it's a tool that encourages dogs' natural foraging skills. Using one of these as my training tool, I’m teaching my dogs to use their brain and hunting instincts. This helps them burn off energy, and I’m particularly grateful for it when our walks are shorter due to busy schedules and weather. You can just throw kibble or treats on top of the mat. However, “hiding” treats in the snuffle mat makes it harder for your dogs, and most dogs need the ultimate challenge.

Snuffle Mat has been a real lifesaver and the best thing to keep my dogs busy and happy.

The basic concept behind these mats is pretty simple and if you are crafty you can even make one! Using enrichment tools like this means that when the dogs are bored, they don’t look for ways to entertain themselves and get in trouble. A Snuffle Mat is also a great tool for senior dogs and a great option for dogs with cognitive issues.

Keep your furry friend mentally stimulated, while they sniff and snuffle looking for their hidden treats or meal in one of these colorful Snuffle Mats with many unique designs to choose from. Check Out Our Snuffle Mats Collection

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