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6-in-1 Grooming Tool (Groom-Shed-Shine-Shampoo-Wash-Massage)

6-in-1 Grooming Tool (Groom-Shed-Shine-Shampoo-Wash-Massage)

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6-in-1 is a multifunctional and blade-free tool and can be used to groom, shine, shed, shampoo, wash, and massage

★ Use 6-in-1 tool for the daily grooming of your horse
★ Grooms your horse body, face, and legs
★ Removes dirt, dust, mud, and sweat
★ Speed up the month-long shedding process and helps your horse shed its winter coat
★ Sheds and shines horse hair
★ Blade-free and safe to use on sensitive parts
★ Massages muscles and increases relaxation
★ Easy to Clean and Maintain

Material: Silicone
Weight: 270g
Product size: 22.5cm x 6cm x 2.5cm

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